Why is my report card not marked as complete?

Once your school sends records to Ravenna, the report cards/transcript will need to be processed, scanned and uploaded into our system. Please allow 1-2 weeks from the school mailing the records via the postal service to having the records uploaded in Ravenna. If your current school submitted records through their repository account, this will take 24-48 hours to process.

Once the records have been uploaded, each school you are applying to will review the records then mark the step complete. Schools vary on how quickly they mark steps completed. If you believe that records have already been submitted but do not see this information reflected in your account after two weeks we recommend that you contact the school directly for more information. Occasionally records may be accidentally overlooked or processed incorrectly, but only the school can reconcile this information with you. 

For more information on creating a free repository account in Ravenna, please see http://program.ravennasolutions.com/ravenna-admit-repository-account-signup/

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