Why is my student not listed as an outgoing student?

If your current school has a repository account and is not seeing your student's name in their list of outgoing students, please check and make sure that you have entered your current school correctly in your Student Profile under Education History. 

How to update Education History

Step 1. Go to the Student Profile and scroll down to Education History.

Step 2. Confirm the correct school.

Some schools have similar names. Please verify you have selected the correct school from our database. If you are unsure, we recommend removing the school and try adding the school again.

Step 3. Select "Yes" to this is my current school.

Only your current school will see your student on their list of outgoing students. Previous schools can still submit records by uploading them to the clearinghouse in their repository account or by mailing them directly.

Step 4. Select "Yes" to school can see you are applying out. 

After completing these steps, your student should appear in school's list of outgoing students in their repository account.


If you have questions about whether a school has received your transcript/report card, please see checking my report card status.


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