Submitting report cards to Ravenna

In Ravenna, schools can submit student records by uploading the records to their repository account or mailing them to Ravenna.

Repository Account

Ravenna provides complimentary repository accounts for schools to upload application related materials, such as report cards and transcript. Records uploaded directly to Ravenna via the repository account are processed within 24-48 hours.

If your current school has an account with us and uses our repository services, they will see a list of all current students applying out.  In order for your applicant's name to appear on that list (allowing schools to send files on your applicant's behalf), you must indicate "yes" in the question mentioned above as well as have paid and submitted your application to the school(s) in which you are applying to.

A school that is not the current school can still upload student records to Ravenna via their repository account. In this case, the school will upload the records to their repository clearinghouse. 

Postal Service

If your school does not have a repository account, they can mail student records to Ravenna. If sending records via the postal service, please allow 2 weeks for records to be be processed, scanned and uploaded.

For more information on report cards, please see checking report card status. 

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