How can I delegate a psychologist for the JATP?

If you are applying to a school in the Atlanta region, one of the steps the school may require is an evaluation from a JATP (Joint Admission Testing Program) psychologist. If you have questions regarding choosing a JATP psychologist, please visit the JATP website for more information. Within your application in Ravenna, the school will provide steps for authorizing and delegating the submission of these test results. 

To delegate the JATP report:

Step 1. Submit the JATP Authorization Form. The authorization form will allow the release of your student's test results to the JATP member schools and to be uploaded to Ravenna.

Step 2. Click on purple envelope within the step for sending the report/test results. Typically, this step is located under the additional steps entitled “Report to JATP” and contains a link to the delegated form.

Step 3. Choose and enter the psychologist's name and email. If you are applying to more than one school in Ravenna that accepts the JATP report, you will see the option to add additional schools to receive the report.

If you have applied to another JATP school which does not use Ravenna for their online admissions, the psychologist will send the results directly to that school.

School marks JATP step complete

Once you have successfully delegated this form, the step will be marked complete by the school after the form has been sent to the testing psychologist, the psychologist has uploaded the results and you have submitted the preliminary application for that school.

If you have completed all three steps and the step has not been marked complete, please reach out to the school directly.


If you have questions about the JATP, please visit for more information and for instructions on how to schedule your child's appointment with a JATP psychologist.

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