How to upload a file within a form

In Ravenna, a school may request a family upload a picture or writing sample within an application or form. If this is the case, a family will see the option to "Choose File" within the form. Please note, files uploaded should be under 4 MB. 

How to Upload a File

Step 1. Click on "Choose File" within the form.

Step 2. Select the file you wish to upload from your device. The uploaded file name or photo will now appear within the application.

Step 3. Click the uploaded file to review the correct file was uploaded. If the file uploaded is incorrect, you can upload a new file by clicking "Choose File" again. Once a new file is uploaded, the new file will replace the original file. 

Once a form is submitted, you will not be able upload a new file. If you need to upload a file to a submitted form, please see how to edit a form after submission.





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