Can I still edit my form after clicking Continue?

In Ravenna, families can revise their form until the form is submitted. As families work on forms, their answers are automatically saved and they can leave and return the form until they are ready to submit. To to leave a form and continue working on it later, families can click the  button.


After clicking Continue:

If the form is part of the preliminary application you will see an option to see what is left to do or view your application. This will allow you to either check what forms have not been submitted yet or to go back to the application. In order to submit the preliminary application, families will select the Go to Pay & Submit button. 



If the form is part of additional steps, you will see an option to submit the form. Again, families can choose not to submit the form and return to their application.


For more questions about completing applications, please see overview of application process.


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