Submitting a recommendation to multiple schools

Families can choose to submit one recommendation form to multiple schools if it is a Common Form and the other schools you are applying to accept the same common recommendation form. If you are applying to more than one school that has the same common recommendation form in their application, Ravenna will provide you the option to share the form with these schools. 

If you have applied to multiple schools that use the same common recommendation form, you will see an option to share it with the other schools when you choose to add a delegate to the form. Once the teacher submits the recommendation form, it will be submitted to all of the chosen schools.


If later you apply to an additional school that uses the same common recommendation form, you will be given an option to re-use the submitted form. After choosing Add delegate in the new school's application, you will see this option.



If an additional school does not appear in the list, this means the school does not accept the same recommendation form. In this case, you will need to send a separate request to the teacher. You may wish to let the teacher know they will be receiving two requests and will need to submit two recommendation forms.

Once you have sent the request, please see the following article to check if the Teacher Recommendation been submitted.



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