Reusing a submitted recommendation appears as "Waiting"

In Ravenna, families can choose to submit a recommendation form to multiple schools when the schools accept the same common recommendation form. When a family chooses to reuse a previously submitted recommendation form, the form will appear as "Submitted" in the new application. However, if the additional school has added school specific questions to the common form, the recommendation form will appear as "Waiting" in the new school's application. 

If the teacher needs to answer additional school specific questions, they will automatically receive the following email notifying them that additional questions are required for the new school.

An additional school has been added to the Teacher Evaluation you were requested to fill out for the student. As a result, 1 additional question needs to be answered, and the form submitted to the new school. Please click the following link to complete and submit the form:
The additional school is: The Academy

After they have answered the school specific questions, they will be able to resubmit the recommendation form. Once the form is resubmitted, "Waiting" will change to "Submitted". Only the additional school will receive their responses to the school specific questions. 

Please note: You may wish to reach out to the teacher directly to let them know the recommendation form needs to be updated for the new school. Since this common form has already been submitted to other schools, the teacher will not be able to edit their original answers. They will only be able to answer the school specific questions.

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