What if I miss a due date?

If you miss a due date for a form, Ravenna will still let you submit it unless the school has turned off submission. Each school has its own policy for late forms, so we recommend contacting the specific school directly for more information.

If your application is not 100% complete by the due date, you can determine which steps are missing by looking at the check marks in the "School acknowledgement of required steps" menu and comparing them to the completed steps in the menu. It is possible that you have completed all the required steps, but the school has yet to mark the steps as complete.

Most school's application deadline reflects the date and time the application forms completed by you and your applicant are due.  Additional time is allowed for the processing of support material such as teacher evaluations and report cards. However, each school sets their own policies regarding due dates for support material. Please review the school's application process description for additional detail and contact the school directly with any questions.

To locate contact information for a school, please see “finding school contact information.




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