Navigating Ravenna HUB

Within Ravenna, families can submit application materials, register for events, track your application status, and view decisions online. They can see and review of all their activity by visiting the Ravenna menu. Below are descriptions for each menu item in Ravenna.



The Dashboard provides an overview of each applicant, including the school(s) they are applying to and any upcoming events they are currently registered for. Clicking on a school will take you directly to their process on your Applications page while clicking on an event will bring up the event's detailed information.

School Directory

The School Directory lists all the schools using Ravenna in your area. Click on a school name to access information including the school mission or educational approach, upcoming events, useful contacts, and to explore or start applying to the school.


The events page shows all the events for which your student or your family has registered. You can unregister for events here as well, simply by clicking on the event name.


Under your student’s name in the main menu, click “Applications” to view the schools you have are Applying to or are Exploring & Inquiring. From here you can select an individual school to continue with the application process or move from exploring to applying.


Some schools choose to release decisions through Ravenna. When a decision has been posted online, a small red icon will appear in the left navigation menu to indicate you have a new decision to view.

Student Profile

This is where families can enter information about their student, household, siblings and education history. Once you fill out the student profile, schools can use this information to autopopulate their applications. You can update your student’s profile information at any time throughout the season.


Add Student

Should you have more than one student applying through Ravenna this year, click the “Add Student” to enter basic profile information and educational history. We understand that every family is unique, so you will be able to update parents/guardians, households, addresses and siblings for any new student you add.


Change your password, your region, active students or admission season is all done within settings. If you wish to contact support, your Support Pin is also found in Settings.


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