Student Profile

The Student Profile contains information about your student and family. This information is accessible to the school(s) in which you are exploring, inquiry or applying to. To make it easier for parents, this information is auto-populated into each school’s application.

Please keep your Student Profile updated. Any changes made to your profile throughout the application process will automatically be reflected for schools on their end.

To Update your Student Profile:

Step 1. Click on the Student Profile link in the Ravenna Menu on the left side.  

Step 2. Choose the Edit Button Associated with the section you wish to edit. For example, if you need to change your student's information, click the "Edit button beside the student's photo.

Step 3. Fill in the required information. For more information about each section, please see the articles below -

Step 4. Select "Save" after you have entered the information. The this information is now available to schools and will automatically appear within your applications. 

Once the Student Profile is complete, you can begin Exploring and Applying to schools.

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