International Applications

If your applicant lives outside the US, you may need to submit an International Application. Sometimes, schools will have a different process for International Applications. If there is a separate application for international students, it will be listed under the application types drop down menu when you start your application to a school.

Applying as an International Applicant:

Step 1. Fill out Application Settings and chose "Yes" for Does the student lives outside of the US

Step 2. Select International Student Application if available.


What is a bypass code? Some schools require International Applicants to enter a bypass code in order to apply to the school. If you receive this message, please contact the school directly. Only the school can provide a bypass code.

What if an International Application does not appear in pull down menu? If you are unsure on which application type to select, we recommend contacting the school directly for more information on how to apply as an international applicant.

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