Exploring a school

Exploring a school allows you to express interest and learn more about a school’s application process before choosing to apply. When you “explore” a school, that school receives your family’s contact information and might include you on a mailing list for a viewbook or email communication; this varies by school. For some schools, choosing to explore will allow you to sign up for Open Houses. After exploring, you may later choose to start an application.


To explore a school:

Step 1. Click on School Directory in the Ravenna Menu on the left.

Step 2. Scroll down the list of schools and select one you are interested in. 

Step 3. Click on the Explore button.


Step 4. Select the student's name, what year you would like to explore, the exploring grade and whether the applicant lives outside the US or not. Once that is complete then select "Explore".

Step 5.Click on "Continue with the exploration process", to continue exploring the school. You may review the school's preliminary application process and the school will appear under Applications in the Ravenna Dashboard. 


Note: While you will not be able to start an application for a future Admission Season, you may choose to explore a school before their application is available for that Admission Season.

If you do not see a school you would like to apply to in the School Directory please confirm that the school is using Ravenna. If the school is using Ravenna, please email help@ravennasolutions.com for further assistance.

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