Resize a Photo (PC)

This article is for re-sizing an image to upload an applicant photo, if necessary.

Step 1. Open your desired image in Paint by right clicking on the image.


Step 2. Once your photo has opened in Paint, find the Image section of the toolbar and select Re-size.


Step 3. This screen will pop up. Make sure the Maintain Aspect Ratio button is checked. Select Percentage or Pixel and adjust the Horizontal value. The Vertical units will adjust proportionally. Click OK.


Step 4. Click File and Save to make sure your image is re-sized. Now you may exit out of Paint.


Step 5. Locate the image and right click on it. Select properties from the list of options to find out if your image is now under 4 MB.


Step 6. This screen should appear allowing you to see your image size. Repeat steps one through six until the image is under 4 MB.


Step 7. Once your image is under 4 MB re-upload to Ravenna.

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