Making a student profile Inactive

Families may wish to make a Student Profile inactive because they have a sibling that is not applying to schools this admission season or they created to duplicate profiles. When you make a profile inactive, the information is hidden from schools. The information is not deleted and you can reactivate the profile at any time.

To make a Student Profile Inactive:

Step 1. Click on Settings from the Ravenna Menu on the left hand side


Step 2. Scroll down to Active Students and click on "Change active students"

Step 3. Click on the student you wish to make inactive and choose Save.


Their student profile will be moved to the "inactive students" section in the left menu and will no longer appear on your Dashboard.

Does marking a student inactive withdraw their application from a school? Making an applicant inactive does not withdraw their application from the school. If you would like to also withdraw your application, please read the article on how to do so here.

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