Submitting print only forms

Ravenna allows you to complete and submit forms necessary for applying to a particular school online. Moat forms can be submitted online in Ravenna. Some firms such as Transcript Release Forms will need to be filled out, printed and sent directly to the school. 

To Print Forms:

Step 1. Click on the printer icon to open the print window.

Step 2. Select Print. Once the form is opened, you will be able to preview the form and print the form.

Step 3. Complete form and mail directly to the school. 

Some print-only forms may be requested by multiple schools.  In some cases, the forms are identical.  In other cases, there may be common information on the form as well as information that is unique to a particular school.  If that is the case, there will be a page break separating the unique questions from the common questions.  Be sure to read the printed forms thoroughly to ensure that you are sending the correct information to the correct school.

To check on the status of a form, please see checking on my report card status.


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