Submitting teacher evaluations outside of Ravenna

Your teacher may prefer to submit evaluation forms outside of Ravenna. In this case, you can check whether the form has been submitted through the "School acknowledgement of required steps" menu. You may need to contact the school you are applying to for downloadable teacher evaluations.

  •  indicates that the school is still waiting for the form.
  •  indicates that the form has been submitted and accepted by the school.

The "School acknowledgement of required steps" menu will look something like this. This menu will be located on the right hand side of your application if you are not using a mobile device. Look for steps such as "Math Teacher Evaluation Received" to see if the school has accepted your teacher's evaluation.

If evaluation forms are being submitted outside of Ravenna, there is no need to complete the delegate requests.  You can ignore messages about submission requirements such as the one below.

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