How can my current school upload report cards?

In the Student Profile, you must enter a Current School in the Education History section. You can add your current school by either selecting itl from our database of schools or entering your school manually if not in our database.

  • If your current school is in our database and they have a repository account, they will be able to upload records for your child in their repository account. 
  • If your current school does not have a repository account, they cannot upload records directly. You can direct the school here to request a complimentary account.


 To enter your current school:

Step 1. Search for your school by selecting a state and/or name of the school. To find your school, you may want try different search terms such as Saint vs. St., using "the" or removing "the," and spelling out school name vs. abbreviations.

Step 2. Select your school from the list of schools that appear. If your school is not in our database, See How to add your current school manually.

Step 3. Choose whether this is your child’s current school. Parents can choose to add additional schools in their Education History. For the Student Profile to be complete, you must enter a current school.

Step 4. Decide whether to allow the school to see that your school is applying out. If you select "No," your applicant will not display in your current school's list of students applying out and the school will be unable to upload any documents for your applicant.  You will need to select "Yes" for your current school to upload report cards.

Now your current school will be able to upload files for your student, including report cards.

Notes on FERPA requirements

Ravenna complies with the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Your current school may require you to submit a signed release form authorizing the release of student records into Ravenna.

Questions about whether your report card has been submitted? Please see How to Check on my Report Card Status. 

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