How to view my decisions

Schools vary greatly on how they notify families regarding enrollment decisions. Some schools choose to publish their admission decisions through Ravenna while other schools contact families directly. If the school(s) in which you are applying to publish decisions in Ravenna, you can access this information on your Decisions page located in the Ravenna Menu on the left.

To view your Decisions:

Step 1. Choose Decisions from the Ravenna Menu on the left hand side.

Step 2. Check to see which schools you are applying to that will release decisions in Ravenna.

Step 3. Click on Decisions after a green check mark appears indicating a decision has been posted.


Step 4.  Click the "View Decision" link to see the decision. If the school does not publish decisions in Ravenna, you will receive a notification from the school directly.

Step 5. Choose to Accept or Decline if requested.

Some schools request that families indicate whether they plan to accept or decline the enrollment offer. This is not a legally binding decision. Once you click accept or decline, you cannot edit or delete your response. If you wish to alter your initial response, please contact the school directly. 

If you have any questions specific to your decision, we would recommend contacting the school directly as they should be able to provide you with more information.

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