How to delegate a teacher evaluation request

Teacher evaluations are filled out and submitted by teachers themselves (we call forms completed by someone else “delegated forms”). Each school will tell you its particular requirements during the application step, and we will tell you how many delegated teacher evaluations are required by each school.

Some region will have a common evaluation form shared among a group of schools. In this case, your teacher only needs to fill out the form once, and it will go to all of your schools designated through Ravenna. If your are applying to a school not participating in Ravenna, your teacher can also print and send a paper copy of the form. 

How to Submit a Request

Step 1.  Click on the form link.


Step 2.  Select Add person on the form to add your teacher.

Note: If you would like to look at the form before sending it to your teacher, click on the Preview form button

Step 3.  Enter the teacher’s name and email.

Note: You can send one recommendation to multiple schools if the schools are using a Common Recommendation form. After filling out the teacher information check off the school(s) you are sending the form to and select the Send Form button.

 Step 4.  Finally your teacher will then receive an email with a secure link where he or she can complete the form on your applicant’s behalf

Once a form has been sent to a teacher, please check out this article on Following up with Teacher Evaluations. 

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