Applying to a school

Clicking "Apply" in Ravenna starts the application process for your chosen school. After choosing to Apply, you will see a detailed outline of the application steps and requirements. From here, families can begin submitting forms and completing steps.

To Start Applying to a School:

Step 1. Click on the "School Directory" in the Ravenna menu on the left.

Step 2. Search for the school you wish to apply to by either scrolling through the list of schools in your primary region or search by Name, City or Grade.

Step 2a. If you are applying out of season, that is applying to a future season or previous season, be sure to select the correct Fall you want to apply to.

Step 3. Select the school you wish to apply to and short description will appear with the option to Explore or Apply.

Step 4. Choose to either  to the school or   to express an interest in the school.


Questions about next steps? Please see our article on Application Process FAQs

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