Overview of the application process

The first step in beginning the application process is choosing a school to apply to in Ravenna. After you have started the application process, you can begin working on forms and required steps.

The schools you are applying to will appear in your Ravenna Dashboard. By clicking on the school, you will see a step-by-step description of that school’s entire application process. There are several stages to the application process for a school: Submit Preliminary Application, Complete Additional Forms and Acknowledged by the School.

 Submit Preliminary Application

The Preliminary Application is made up of the initial forms that are necessary in order to begin applying to the school. Each school that you are applying to will officially recognize your application after you submit their preliminary forms and pay their application fee.

The forms included as part of the Preliminary Application are shown in the school’s required steps on the right hand side on the school’s application page.



Once you have successfully completed the Preliminary Application forms the Go to Pay & Submit button will turn green  . You can now click on the button to submit the entire Preliminary Application and pay the application fee.

Some schools require that you fill out the preliminary forms outside of Ravenna. In this case, you will see information on the school’s preliminary form policy in its application steps.

 If the Pay & Submit button is still gray, please see Why can't I submit my application?

If you are having trouble paying, please see Trouble Submitting Credit Card Payment.


Complete Additional Steps

These additional steps, which can be informational, forms-related, or events-related, cover any extra information beyond the preliminary application that is required by the school. Parents can begin filling out some of these forms prior to submitting the preliminary application.

The application process for each school is unique. Some additional steps schools typically require are:

In order to complete the entire application, families must submit each and every one of the required Additional Steps. You must do this in order to complete your application.


Acknowledged by the School

Once you have payed and submitted the preliminary application and additional forms, you will be close to where the school considers your application complete. Your application will be considered complete by the school once they have reviewed all of your steps and acknowledged your application is complete. This may take some time, so please allow time for schools to process after submitting. 


For schools who use Ravenna for their decisions, will have a fourth step "Decisions" when the school releases their decisions.

Questions about completing your application? See  Am I Done.


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