How to pay and submit an application

All parts of the Preliminary Application are submitted together, while additional Steps are submitted individually. Once the forms required for preliminary application are all complete, the Go Pay & Submit button will turn green. 

To submit and pay your application fee.

Step 1. Go to Applications in the Ravenna Menu on the left then click on your intended school.

Step 2. Complete all required form for the Preliminary Application. Schools will list the steps required in the Schools acknowledge required steps. 


Step 3. Check that all forms included in the preliminary application are all "Ready to Submit". If the forms are ready to submit, the    will be green. If it is still gray, please see why can't I submit my preliminary application.

Step 3. Click on

Step 4. Enter in your payment information or waiver code  and submit your Preliminary Application.

Step 5. Click on  to see if you have any remaining Additional Steps to complete. Complete and submit all other necessary Additional Steps individually. These should not require payment, unless an event has an entry fee.

Having trouble paying with credit card? Please see the help article on Credit Card Payment Issues.

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