Checking on my report card status

Many schools will require report cards, transcripts or progress reports as part of the support material required for your application. Your schools can mail these reports in or upload them electronically through Ravenna. Below are answers to some common questions regarding schools uploading or sending transcripts/report cards.

Q: My current school says I need to submit a form in order to send in my report card. How do I submit this form?

A: Details on report card requirements are usually found in a school's Transcript Request Form. In order for a school to mail or upload records, they must first receive a records release from. This form must be printed out, signed and sent your current school. Once the school receives this form, they have legal authorization to release your records. 


 Q: How can I tell if the school I am applying to has received my transcripts?
A: Some schools will display steps in the "School acknowledgement of required steps" menu telling you when report cards have been processed. A green check indicates the reports have been received and accepted.  Please allow schools time to process report cards and update the step statuses, especially near the application due date. 


If your school has informed you they have uploaded your reports, there is still time needed for the receiving schools to review and accept the reports before you will see the step marked as complete.


Q: The school’s application deadline is almost here and it doesn’t look like my report cards are in yet. What should I do?

A: You can check to see if your report cards have been acknowledged through Ravenna. Each school sets its own policies regarding deadlines for report cards. Many do not require report cards to be received by the deadline, but some do. Check to see if the school provides any information about this in their application steps. If not, contact the school directly and ask about their policy.

Please keep in mind that schools are processing a very large volume of files around their deadlines. They may wish to review the file prior to marking the step complete. You should allow two weeks for the files to be processed and acknowledged – especially if they were submitted on paper.

If your current school is submitting report cards electronically and does not see your applicant in their list of students applying through Ravenna, please read our help article on uploading report cards.

Pease note that a school will not get access to your report cards until you have formally applied.  If your report cards were sent in but you are waiting to submit your application because you are polishing essays, etc. the school will receive access to your report cards as soon as you apply.

Q: Do my report cards have to be in before the application deadline?

A: Schools receive a very large volume of forms and documents at the application deadline. Report cards and other support documentation will often be processed after  the application deadline. Each school sets its own policy on due dates for support documentation. Please check each school's instructions or contact the school directly if you have questions regarding your application status.

To review your application steps, please see "Am I Done?"

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