Why can't I submit my application?

In order to submit the Application all required fields must be completed. Once all the forms required for the preliminary application are complete, the "Pay & Submit" button will turn green.

If the button is still gray, one of the forms required is incomplete. When you have required questions left to be answered, grey text stating "Required questions unanswered" will appear next to the form title, as seen here:

To find which required questions you have left to answer:

Step 1. Select the form you need to complete

Step 2. Select the text at the top of the page stating "Highlight Missing Fields"

Step 3. Scroll through the form and all unanswered required questions will be highlighted as shown here in the lower right hand corner:

Step 4. Complete all the required questions then the top of the form will say 

Step 5. Click on the  button at the bottom of the form. Here you will have a choice to see what forms are still needed to complete or view your application. 

 Step 6. Choose view my application to return to the application. If your preliminary application is ready to submit the Go to Pay & Submit button will be green. Once you click on Pay & Submit, you will be prompted to pay the application fee and submit your preliminary application. 

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