Has my teacher recommendation been submitted?


As application deadlines approach, you will want to keep an eye on your Teacher Evaluations/Recommendation. Ravenna tracks three things:

  1. Whether you have delegated the correct number of teacher evaluations
  2. Whether the teacher has submitted the evaluation through Ravenna
  3. Whether the school has received and processed the form

How to check if the recommendation form has been submitted.

Step 1. Click on the form link. Here, the status displays a green check mark and green text stating "Sent to the 1 required delegate", meaning that you have submitted the required number of delegate request(s).

Step 2. Check if the form says submitted. If the form says "Waiting", this means the form has been sent to the delegate's email but the delegate has not submitted the form. Once they have completed and submitted the form online, it will say "Submitted"

Step 3. Verify the school has reviewed and acknowledged the form.

Many schools review teacher evaluations before marking them as processed, so don't worry if there is a slight delay, especially near the application deadline.  When the school has processed the evaluation, this will be indicated by a green check in the "School acknowledgement of required steps" menu.          
Please note that some schools may have different steps for each evaluation received in their "School acknowledgement of required steps" menu. These step names may not match the name(s) of your teacher evaluation step(s).
If your teacher has not received your request, please see "What if my teacher has not received my request for a recommendation?"
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