Acquiring and entering a waiver code

Please contact schools directly to inquire about their waiver code policies. Only the school can provide families with a waiver code or a bypass code.

If the school has given you a waiver code, you can submit an application without paying the fee (or pay at a reduced rate). Once your preliminary application is complete, the Pay & Submit button will turn green and you can submit your application and payment.

To Enter Your Waiver Code:

Step 1. Go to Applications in the Ravenna Menu on the left and click on the intended school.

Step 2. Click the green “Pay and Submit” button and a new page will appear, prompting you to either select payment by Credit Card or Waiver Code.

Step 3. Select Waiver Code and enter it into the field below. 

Step 4. Click Apply waiver code & submit. The fee for the school will be marked as 'FEE PAID'. You can then submit the application without entering payment information. Once the waiver fee has been applied and all required steps have been completed, the "Pay & Submit" button will change to say "Submit." Clicking this will submit your forms.

Once you have paid and submitted the preliminary application, you can proceed to complete your application.

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