Unregistering for an event

Families can unregister for events online as long as the registration deadline has not passed and the school has not closed the event. If you cannot unregister for the event online, please contact the school directly to cancel the registration.

To Unregister for an Event:

Step 1. Go to the Ravenna menu on the left and select Events.

Step 2. Select the event you wish to unregister from. 

Step 3.  Click on the red Unregister button at the bottom of the event details page.

Step 4. Confirm you wish to unregister in the pop-up window. Once you do so, a green box will appear on the event detail page confirming your withdrawal from the event.


Having trouble unregistering for an event? Please check the registration deadline. If after this date, you may need to contact the school to cancel your registration. If prior to the date, you can either contact help@ravennasolutions.com or the school directly.

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