Am I done?

As you work through the application process, you will want to check the status of individual steps. By choosing "Show me what's left" you can see what forms and steps still need to be completed. Once a school has received and acknowledged the step, a green check mark will appear in the required steps list on the right-hand side.

After all the steps have green check marks, the school will review the application one more time before marking it done. Once the school marks the entire application as complete, the "Show me what's left" button will disappear and the application will say "You are done!" If you have completed all your steps and the school has not marked the application as complete, please reach out to the school directly.

To check your application steps:

Step 1. Click on the "Show me what's left" button' 

Step 2. Review the list of forms and steps that still need to be completed.

Step 3. Complete all remaining required forms and steps. 

Step 4. Check whether requirements have been acknowledged by the school (indicated through symbols in the "School acknowledgement of required steps" menu.


Some submitted forms must be acknowledged by the school before marked as complete.

Completed steps that have not been acknowledged will show up as   in the "School acknowledgement of required steps" menu. Some steps, usually delegated forms, printed forms, and event registrations, may still show up as  despite completion. Do not worry; as long as the step has a check mark next to it on your left hand menu, the step has been completed:

Printed forms will not have this check mark. You must wait for your school to check off the step associated with the form. Steps will only show as  in the "School acknowledgement of required steps" menu once the school has acknowledged the step. Each school will acknowledge steps in their own time, so be patient.

Step 5. Once all steps are completed and acknowledged the  button will disappear and will be replaced by a green text box: 

Your application is complete! if the school(s) you are applying to release their decisions through Ravenna, decisions will be released on the date and time indicated in Decision

 If you missed the deadline for completing your application, please review the article what if I missed a due date. 




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