Registering for an event

In Ravenna, families can register for Open Houses, Tours and other school related events. To register for certain events, some schools require students to have started the application process. In this case, parents may register for these events through their school application. Otherwise, parents can register for events through the School Directory.

To Register for an Event: 

Step 1. Navigate to the School Directory in the Ravenna Menu on the left.

Step 2. Choose the school you wish to register for an event.

Step 3. Select the "Upcoming Events" button located above the school's description.

Step 4. Select the student you wish to register.

Step 5. Chose the event you wish to register for from the list of available events. 

Step 6. Click on the event you wish to register for and event details will be displayed. 

Step 7. Enter the requested information and select the green "Register" button at the bottom of the page.

Step 8. Review registered events by clicking on "Events" from the Ravenna Menu on the left. This event will now appear in the Events section, under the registered student.


Cannot find the event you wish to register for?  Events that are available to be registered for via the Upcoming Events page are dependent on how each school has their events setup. Some schools have certain events available from your applications page after starting an application to the school. If you have questions about availability, you will want to contact the school directly for more information.

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