What is a delegated form?

Many schools use delegated forms. Typically, delegated forms are used for Teacher Recommendations, School Reports and Evaluations. These forms are sent by the family to a chosen delegate to fill out and submit on the student’s behalf. Delegates submit these forms directly to Ravenna or to the designated school.

In Ravenna, delegated forms are marked with a purple envelope.


Families send a form to their chosen delegate by clicking on the form and entering their delegate's name and email. To decide who to delegate a form to, the school often provides information about the type of delegate, the number of delegates required as well as additional details about the form.

Some regions will have a common evaluation form shared among a group of schools. In this case, the delegate will only need to fill out the form once, and families can choose to submit the delegated form to the other schools they are applying to that accept this common form. 


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