What if my teacher has not received my recommendation request?

Once a family completes a recommendation request, an email with the link to the form is sent to them. After the email is sent, the request appears as "waiting" until it is submitted. Once the teacher completes and submits the form "waiting" changes to "submit".  

If your teacher has not completed the recommendation form, you may want to check with them to ensure they have received the request. Especially form requests sent to a school's email address may end up in a SPAM folder or blocked by the firewall.

If the teacher has not received the email. please check:

 Step 1. Verify the email is correct

If  the teacher has not received the form, please check and make sure the email address is correct. If the email is incorrect. Families can delegate the form to the correct address by creating a new delegate request with the correct email  and deleting the original request. 

Step 2. Resend the Request

If the email address is correct, you can resend the form to them by pressing the resend button in the form status window. The delegate will then receive a second copy of the original email with a link to the form.

Sometimes, teachers will simply overlook the evaluation request email. If you resend a request, please let your teacher know that the email will come from Ravenna (help@ravennasolutions.com) and that the subject line of the email will include both the form name and the name of the student.

 Step 3. Ask the teacher to check their SPAM Folder

If the email address is correct and your teacher still has not received the form, please have them check their SPAM folder. Schools sometimes use spam filters that prevent our emails from getting through. If your delegate’s email is from a school (ie .edu or .org), the school’s web filter or firewall may be blocking the email. 

 If the delegate still cannot receive the email

If you have confirmed that the teacher’s email is correct, re-sent the form request, and confirmed that the email was not marked as SPAM, you can do one of the following:

  • Ask the teacher to contact their Email administrator to verify that help@ravennasolutions.com is allowed through their email filter.  
  • Ask your teacher for a different email address and add a new request using that email. You can either delete the original request, or leave it. It won't affect your application either way.
  • Email help@ravennasolutions.com. We can send the form through our system which may allow the teacher to receive the form request.
  • Ask your teacher to complete a paper version of the form. To do this, contact the school and ask them for an alternate version of the form (either paper or PDF) that you can give to your teacher. Once the form is completed, the teacher should send it directly to the school. The school will be able to manually mark these evaluations as received in Ravenna. Please ask teachers not to submit BOTH paper and electronic versions of their evaluations to the same school. ​
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