Why do I not have a green check mark?

A green check mark appears in the “School Acknowledgement of Required Steps”, once the school reviews and acknowledges a submitted form. Schools vary on how quickly they review and acknowledge forms, so don't worry if there is a delay, especially near the application deadline.  


For some forms, you can check to see if it has been submitted by opening up the form. For instance both Applications and Recommendations will be marked submitted when the form has been received by the school.

If the form shows submitted and a green check mark does not appear in the Steps Acknowledged menu on the right hand side, the school has received the form but has not had a chance to review and acknowledge the step complete. If you have questions about the submitted form, please contact the school directly.

For Report Cards/Transcripts, families will see the school has received these records once a green check mark appears in the Steps Acknowledged menu. 


If you believe that records have already been submitted but do not see this information reflected in your application we recommend that you contact the school directly for more information. Occasionally records may be accidentally overlooked or processed incorrectly, but only the school can reconcile this information with you.

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