Adding a school manually to education history

Families can add a school manually if they do not find their student’s current school in the list or if their student is home schooled. If you add a school manually, your school will not be able to upload student records directly to Ravenna. Before adding your school, please make sure your current school is not listed in our database


To add a school manually:

Step 1. Click "Add a school manually" if you are unable to find your school in the list so that you can manually type in the school name. Please remember to indicate if this is your student’s current school and what grade they attended.

Once the form is completed and saved, your school will appear in the Education History.

Step 2. Send record release form to the school. Once you start applying to schools, you will need to send a request for records authorization to your current school.  However, this school will not be able to upload files to a repository account in Ravenna. The school will need to mail records to Ravenna for processing. Please allow sufficient time to mail, process and upload records. Typically, records require at least 2 weeks to upload upon receipt.


For information on checking whether a school has received your report cards/transcripts, please see checking report card status.


Notes on FERPA requirements

Ravenna complies with the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Your current school may require you to submit a signed release form authorizing the release of student records into Ravenna.



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